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Reaching Beyond: A Global Presence in Excellence, Artistry, & Integrity

Opening Fall 2026

WHAT is the
Graduate School of Black Cinematic Arts?

We are an independent higher education nonprofit organization.

Our goal is to provide an accredited graduate-level education in the cinematic arts, focused on the Black experience and history as a profound root and resource for the cinematic arts, and offer an innovative global learning experience in cinema.

EIN: 92-0259073


is passionate about preparing the pipeline of Black filmmakers as leaders to facilitate excellence in story and artistry in all aspects of filmmaking, employing the Black experience and history as a profound root and resource for cinematic arts. 

We create unparalleled global learning experiences to equip students to interact with and learn from world cultures and foster screen media industry relationships worldwide. We position graduates for leadership roles and meaningful careers while bringing new perspectives to the art and business of global cinema and building a more equitable, inclusive landscape within the industry and the films it

"We must learn from the past to

comprehend the present and find our future."   

- African Proverb




SLSC's innovative concept provides unprecedented opportunities for graduate students of the cinematic arts, placing them in a privileged position compared to other film school graduates. A groundbreaking three-year Master of Fine Arts degree, it revolves around experiential learning in Hollywood and centers of cinematic industry and excellence worldwide.


▻ Year 1 lays the foundations for the MFA, including the Sundance Film Festival, the Black experience and history, and Masterclass Workshops with industry experts.

▻ Year 2 features semester-long experiences in filmmaking around the globe, allowing students to incorporate artistic and industrial perspectives from other cultures as a creative resource for their art and to build valuable relationships. This year includes:

            ‣ May-July: France (European cinema), Cannes Film Festival

            ‣ September-December: Seoul, Korea (East Asian cinema), Busan Int’l Film Festival (BIFF)      

            ‣ January term: Mumbai, India (Bollywood & Indian Art Cinema)

              ‣ February-May: Cape Town, South Africa (African cinema), FESPACO Film Festival, Burkina Faso     

▻ Year 3 focuses on Hollywood cinema and internships in Los Angeles while students complete their final MFA project, which includes the option of making a feature film.



▻  Alumni will continue receiving career coaching, education, and networking opportunities.

▻ Tuition will be on the lower end of the top-tier graduate film schools, projected at $26,000/year.

▻ Funding for the global year will come partially from regular tuition, sponsorships, and fundraising.  

▻ Planning toward WASC accreditation before the first class graduates (process starts before students begin).

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